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Rick Lamers

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November 22, 2022

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Recent Roles:  Jacob Marley (et al) - "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol" - Daytrippers Theater - Director: Bill Kenzie;    Frank Cameron - "Weekend Comedy" - The Phipps Center - Director: Joe Hendren;   Judge Baliveau - "Metromaniacs" - Theatre in the Round - Director: Kari Steinbach


Height: 6'-1"          Build: Average      Male    Caucasian

Birthplace: St. Paul, MN    Education: Bachelor of Science (3 majors): Theater, Speech, English with Secondary Teaching license Mankato State University;  Master of Arts: Speech Communication, Mankato State U.

Acting: 40+years / 50+ roles - College, regional, and community theaters

Film:  Major roles in over a dozen corporate feature productions (30+ minutes) for Securian Financial 

Voice Over: Commercial, Narrative, Character, Audiobooks -- Numerous training audios, internal test audios, policy/procedure audiocasts, etc.

Directing: Community and high school theater productions, including: West Side Story, Godspell, Once Upon a Mattress, God's Favorite, Everybody Loves Opal, Adaptation, Infancy


(See RESUME PDF for full details)

ROLE                                              THEATER/ORGANIZATION                                          DIRECTOR

Henry II                 The Lion in Winter,  The Phipps Center        Joe Hendren

Jacob Marley                 Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, Daytrippers Theater                     Bill Kenzie

Frank Jackson               Weekend Comedy, The Phipps Center                                          Joe Hendren

Jack Cameron                Spirit Level, Daytrippers Theater                                                    Bill Kenzie

Judge Baliveau               Metromaniacs, Theater in the Round                                             Kari Steinbach

William Blore                   And Then There Were None, Theater in the Round                   Brian Joyce

Victor Prynne                  Private Lives, Theater in the Round                                                Dann Peterson

Ellsworth T. Ganning     First Lady, Lex-Ham Theater                                                             Mary Cutler

Tito Merelli                       Lend Me a Tenor, Woodbury Community Theater                     Lenore Weir

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