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Sam Landman

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January 11, 2019

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Attending Park Square Generals 2019.

Currently rehearsing Girl Friday's "The Skin of Our Teeth."
Opening February 7 (running through March 3) on Park Square's Proscenium Stage.


Writer, actor, creator/host of MN Playlist's "The Bazzness." You should really listen to it. All the theater geeks are: https://anchor.fm/bazzness

Currently writing a proof-of-concept TV pilot about superheroes & a novel about Spandau Ballet being supervillains. So, yeah. What you're looking at is a one-trick pony.

Oh, and once I saw a blimp!


The Great Midwest Rib Fest® 2018

Tolerance - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2018

Dream County Teaser Trailer


And did I mention that I'm attending Park Square Generals 2019?
Yeah, I probably did.
No harm in repeating it though, right?

See attached. But here are my last few credits:
• Prescription: Murder - Lieutenant Columbo - Ghoulish Delights
• Family Dinner - Various Characters - HUGE Improv Theater
• Idiot's Delight - Dumptsy - Girl Friday/Park Square
• One Man, Two Guvnors - Charlie Clench - Yellow Tree Theatre

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