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June 5, 2019

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Next up: "Hot Dog Daze" with Interact at the Lab Theater! July 12-27, 2019 







Shanan Custer is one-half of 2 Sugars Show (www.2SugarsShow.com) with Carolyn Pool, which has produced: 2 Sugars, Room for Cream (Ivey Award for Best Ensemble in 2013), Sometimes There’s Wine (Park Square Theatre’s 2018-2019) and--coming soon--Bad Things, Good Whiskey. Other original works include Mick Sterling Presents: At Christmas (with Jim Robinson) and Not Fair, My Lady (with Colleen Somerville Leeman). Shanan has performed with the Brave New Workshop (from the reign of Jesse Ventura to the Bush and Kerry election), History Theatre, Frank Theater, Theatre Pro Rata, Comedy Suitcase, Mu Performing Arts and The Mystery Café as well as directed productions at Theatre in the Round, Artistry and DalekoArts in New Prague. Shanan is also an improviser with the Theater of Public Policy and a cast member of the Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society, which recreates mystery radio shows from the Golden Age of radio. Shanan thanks you for reading her bio all the way to the end.