Auditions for creative Fringe play: Orzel Rising!

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Title: Orzel Rising!
Venue: To be performed at the Rarig Arena as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival
Quick synopsis: No food, no fuel, no country. Having fallen to the Nazis, Poland sends final orders to her last
submarine. This is the true story, told using a Ficher-Price submarine, three flashlights, and stage wizardry.
Roles available:
Captain Jan – an optimist, dying of appendicitis.
Wladyslav – a pessimist, radio/sonar operator
Andzej – an aspiring first mate and proud nationalist
Django – an Estonian guard captured by the crew with a mysterious past
Ninja #1 – a stagehand who will amaze audiences with theatrical effects
Ninja #2 – another stagehand who will amaze audiences with theatrical effects
The roles are open to any race, gender, or age.
Writer/Director: Marcus Anthony who has written and/or directed several successful Fringe plays including Medea
Ex Machina, Strike!, The Base, Yama & Kalindi, So Bright the Night, and Be your selfie!
Choreographer: Kirsten Stephens, graduate of Marcel Marceau School of Mime Theater and veteran Twin Cities
mime/physical theater performer.
Compensation: Performers will split ticket sales. Equity and SAG okay with waiver.
Rehearsal dates: Last week of June through the end of July.
Tech Rehearsal: yet to be determined but will fall between July 31st and August 3rd.
All performances will be held at the Rarig Arena. Performance dates:
August 5 at 5:30PM
August 6 at 8:30PM
August 10 at 8:30PM
August 12 at 10:00PM
August 13 at 4:00PM
Auditions will take place on Monday that 16th and Wednesday the 18th from 6-8pm. Performers will be given 5
minutes to perform a piece of their choice and 10 minutes to perform a physical piece as directed by
choreographer, Kirsten Stephens.
If interested, please contact to schedule an audition time.

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