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One of the things I love about running Minnesota Playlist is finding ways to bring great work to the community. For me, this is what it means to be a platform: elevating and amplifying work in our community. 

With the new website one way that we are able to do this is to syndicate content. For those who don't know in the journalism business, syndication is a process of duplicating digital work (typically articles or written work) while providing search engines with information that credits the original creator when others search for that content.

We've been syndicating some of our local bloggers since the new site launched in April. I'm excited to add our first syndicated podcast* here on the site: Bad Mouth Theater Company's 'Mouthing Off'. Mouthing Off is a series of interviews with members of the TC performing arts community. If you enjoyed our podcast "The Bazzness" that we did a few years ago, I think that you'll be very happy tuning into this.

* And yes, the Dad's in the House podcast will be returning soon.


MOUTHING OFF: Doing the Thing 

Recorded on February 13, 2023

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Amanda, Mari and Kevin do the first episode of the new iteration of Mouthing Off, now on FM radio in St. Paul through Frogtown Radio, 94.1FM.


Music credit: MusicbyAden – Mythology by MusicbyAden is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0CC
Download: Musicbyaden – Mythology


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Damon Runnals is the co-founder of Swandive Theatre with Meg DiSciorio, benevolent overlord of Minnesota Playlist, a local D&D Dungeon Master, and father to two amazing girls.